Whitelabel Game Store and Launcher

Ross Krasner

White Label with Flame

Why White label?

The “Steam of Web3” won’t be a single application — it will be a network of connected apps — each with ecosystem-specific user experiences. We’re building a platform for ambitious gaming companies to make truly Web3 games as simple to play as traditional games. Our white label solution supports many use cases across gaming, from rewards platforms to individual games. Reach out to us if you want to own the most important part of your user journeys.

About Flame

Flame is the first launcher in the network of launchers that together make the “Steam” of Web3. Flame, like all of the launchers, is a non-custodial multi-chain wallet designed for games that use blockchain technology, such as NFTs or cryptocurrency.

Gamers around the world spend billions of dollars on video game currency and items they do not actually own. Blockchain games offer a way to take true ownership of your game and create real-world economic value and opportunity for anyone with an internet connection.

Flame puts it all in one place — a non-custodial wallet, an aggregated marketplace, and a decentralized distribution platform and ecosystem for blockchain games.

60 Partners

We've partnered with some of the hottest games in web3.

User Feedback

Flame Store

During the beta launch, we will be collecting feedback from our users. We encourage you to share your thoughts and suggestions with us. We will be closely monitoring the feedback we receive and make adjustments as necessary.

It’s a matter of trust

In their current state, crypto games are painful to play. Getting started can take many steps across multiple platforms. Game discovery happens in isolated communities like Discord and Telegram, which are filled with scams.

Crypto games are also becoming more graphically intense (and downloadable), so a trusted hub for users to download crypto games is more important than ever.

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