NEW: Flame In-App Purchases. Sell NFTs with Nocode

Wyatt Mufson

Today we're happy to present an all new way to monetize and engage your audience with Flame In App Purchases (IAPs). Powered by ThirdWeb.

With Flame IAPs, you can set up a collection of items, and sell the items in your game and on your game's store page. Each item is an NFT following the ERC-1155 standard. When a collection is created in your dashboard, it is immediately available in OpenSea. Users can buy, sell or list their NFTs and you do not need to keep track of it.

Learn how at our documentation here.

You can sell the NFTs or query the user's balance by making simple calls via the Flame SDK — built for Unity or Unreal.

Set a price in $USD. Users will be able to buy with a credit card, directly in your game or in the store on your game's page.

See a live version of this in the game Battle Blitz.

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